Sunday, 7 September 2008

I went to............

to the Kelvingrove yesterday !!

There are many good things there now some not so good.. Ive noticed that alot of the "try me " things are broke and this sucks!!

I also noticed that the spazz chair exhibit had been removed for repair... I wonder why it need repaired?



I saw this yesterday and thought I would be the first to reply!! but then realised I prob wasnt the first person that wanted to reply it was just their pen didnt work !! luckily I had my own !!

Now there were prob loads of things I could have said !! but I said this.. Lame i know.

I also saw this stuff!!!

Im still hoping to see it for real in the zoo !! well not the plane obv !!!

They have this kewl thing where you can write on a computer what the people in the picture are saying and then like everyone sees it!! I think I would have had loads of fun with it but like some Yank was having a shot !! her spelling was terrible !!

there was also this thing where you could leave comments on a computer about pics and people could see it, of course it would be all silly stuff !! i wanted a shot of that to but a ned was on it and i wasnt gonna say hey mate get off what could you possibly know about art !! coz they would have square go'ed me :(

oh my shit comments there have just reminded me i must go onto a shit non funny site and start something !!

gotta be starting something !!!

Recently this stuff has happened:

Aldwin came into my life

I met Sean C

I got totally

regretted it and havent really since !!!

mucked around with paper with my bro's fiance

Appeared in a work mag looking like a total minger dyke !

Had some of this:

watched the end of this ( i might miss it)

I made this (( kinda looks like the pic above i think ))

Saw Borders stock some must reads

Oh and this finally arrived !!

however hmmmm i have to say !!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Where have you been?

Now it has been a long time !!

What has happened recently ?? hmmm let me see

Ive painted and glossed my little <3 out and gosh its been worth it !!!
Ive made an arse of myself on several occasions!! one that has knocked me a bit :(
Ive been to NYC !! yes NYC !! me, i got on a plane and went on a holiday !!! omfgzz !!
Ive just been given a chance at an evening class coz someone was so sweet..

Hmmmmm what else !! my flat is a mess coz i fail to do anything for myself these days coz im to lazy...

so thats all.. Today Im extremly happy !! like sooo happy coz i just found out about getting on that course :)

yeah !!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

loser? much!

I think im normaly a very happy person and always try and be upbeat as best I can..(obv i aint all the time)

anyway, it seems whenever Im really really hungover or overtired I get soooo depressed... last night i was at my bro's gf's dads 50th bday I had a great time and we ended up at that new club in falkikr where our mate was Dj'n and it was great fun and I danced like all night...

however today i pay for it...redbull and vodka is the devils work.. I cant get a good sleep and i end up total blah... specially when the night before I was in a really bad state.. spewing in mcd's drive through, spewing for 2 hours in the smallest bog ever.. falling asleep on the floor.. spewing in my bed.. anyway you get the picture...

I just hate when im like this.. I want to cry and nothign cheers me up... not even txts from folk who make me smile...

i say it all the time, i should cut out the drink.. but i dont..

god i need to get a life.. there are folk with major probs.. and im just a lil hungover and overtired....

I just had to say :)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Brap brap !

I got my hair cut again !! omgzz soon there will be none !!

its just my fringe its a dif style and i got a lil of the back and top !! ohhh yeahhh!!!

I went out on my bike again, it was tres bonne !!

heheheh ive learnt a little french, soooo not much though :( rubbish.....

Salut !

Ca va ?

i can say im good or im ok or im not that good hahahahaha but im always saying im good !!

my neck hurts from my exercise.. i dont think im doing the sit ups right at all, but i think its working ... plus i spewed my load last night.thats kept a few pounds off hahahaha.. i was ill.. i didnt make myself sick !! honest hahahahahaha

you know there is this thing on top of my mums monitor its like what looks like a bit of thread.. on closer inspection (me trying to pull it out) it may be a beastie leg or something, so i just left it.. its rank and it makes me feel sick hahahahahahha..............

im bopping about to Justice ~The Phantom part ii soulwax remix, soooooo amazing !!!!

im also not wearing a bra

just fot id share that..

im happy :)

going to wait 2 hours tonight in the family planning clinic... riddled again ! ahahha i joke, just going for more of my pill coz i left mine in my flat :(

twat me !!

anyway yeah

to much info

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Come fuck up with me

Music .........................

where would I be without it.............

Im on holiday just now and Ive had a chance to check out some totally amazing music !! and no my brother didnt put me onto this !!

hmmmm you ever had a mirror sitting next to you, like to the left of you when you are on the computer? i do just now and i swear the reflection is looking at me when i dont look at it !!

omgzzz wierd !!


These songs are soooooo like OMGGZZZZ for me just now !!!

This song makes me smile and fall in love with the main dancer everytime i see it hahahaha.. its now my ringtune !! i love the dancing and a i love the look !!!!!!

And this song swooooooooooooon when the guys says SWEAT !! something so simple but omgzz just the way it makes you feel !! hahahah

This song coz omgzz its a gid song and hello check the hottie with the green light on !!

Sooooo nice to chill to .....

Omgzzz again when the guy speaks in this.. it makes me :) hehehehhehehehehe and eh its just like sooooo good !!!

Just a good chilled out track

Cozzzzz da beat be good !!!! gets ya moving.... feeeeeel it

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I have an apple


Omgzzz oh hello you guys !!!

So whats new with me ? what have i been up to apart from the party? um yeah, ive been getting wrecked and having fun .. lolzzzaaaaa.... However !!! yesterday I went on a little day trip!!

I went away to Doune castle.. it was good!! all kewl wee cubby hole bits and secret passages !! i love it.. but of course I was dying to wash my hands after.. here are some pics !!

Now what else did I do yesterday ?
I went to an antiques place and craft fair... it was good.. First stop though was the gorgeous toliets !!!

What gorgeous accessories !! hahahahah

Here are some things we saw at the antiques place.. boak!!!

I hate those glass clowns!!! and the last thing well its a ring that is playing cards !! sooooo fucking tacky!!

After the antiques place we went to Dobbies Garden Centre!!! Now i have never saw a garden centre that has clothes in it !!! it was a pretty kewl garden centre like, they had loads and loads of stuff.. I left happy!!

I saw this though and was slightly disturbed!! Murder !! maybe it was because earlier in the week I kidnapped a gnome? hmmmmmm

Hmmmm who did it?

What else is new? My flat still a bit of a mess

My dads car is getting there.... sorta

Sooo thats about it ... oh im still like amazingly happy :) yeah x


Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Party (part 3)

Didnt we get some lovely replies.. yes we did not..

So it was time to invite our guests to The Party...

Thank you for replying to my ad and thank you very much for the picture !!! I got an instant smile on my face and went a little red … heheheheheh..
I would definitely like for you to meet up for the party… Im planning on meeting everyone informally in a pub in town before we get straight to business on Friday
This is only so I can feel a bit more comfortable about who I bring home.
Are you available on Wednesday around 6.00 pm onwards ? we could meet in #### on ####### Street. Bring that days Metro paper for identity so I can pick you out from the crowd.

Obv The Party wasnt happening.. We just wanted to see who would turn up...
So that night Me,Marty,Harry met up with Arthur and C.. outside the pub and went down... Straight away we saw someone sitting their with a metro in hand, the words metro facing us!! I panicked,went to the bar got some drinks and sat down....

Arthur started saying he was gonna go over and ask the guy for his Metro and I was like omgzz nooo dont, just leave it, just sit and wait see who else comes in... anyway, he started to get a lil carried away and i started freaking.... Eventually he went and said do you want this paper, the guy got up and went to the bog...
He came back sat back down and then seemed a little agitated (cant spell) Got up and said to us. yes us !!! Do you want this paper! I was meant to meet some dicks at 6pm and they havent showed up!!

I paniked and was like omgzz this guy is gonna go mental if he knows its a prank... anyway just at that Arthur and his Bro C got the guy over and introduced me to him I was like what !!! no !! Turns out it was Arthur and C's bro !!! they had played a prank on me!!! Soooooo Good !! hahahahah However just at that point !!!

yes you got it a guy came in !!!! hahahahah he sat right behind me !!! omgzzz

it was all very very wierd then another guy came down the stairs with paper and left...

lolzzzz so obv I had invited a few, but only like 5 turned up.. so I mailed them all to find out why on earth they hadnt turned up!! hahahahahah

It was strange... I may do it again... not nice I know, but gosh dont you just love people !!!!!

The rest of the night was amazing fun though :)